Discover the Wonder of STEM!

Educate, excite, & equip your children with an incredible selection of toys, gadgets, kits, & games to help them discover the wonder of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)!

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STEM Toys, Gadgets, Kits, & Games

Educate, excite, & equip your children with an incredible selection of toys to help them Discover the Wonder of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)! We also sell gadgets, kits, & games that embrace technology and align with our mission of expanding the reach of STEM.

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What better way to conveniently and continually invest in your children's education than by having fun, engaging, hands-on projects mailed right to your door? Every month your child will receive an exciting crate, filled to the brim with projects that teach and inspire learning through play! Click the related links to learn more about each subscription package!

Koala Crate: Ages 3-4

Kiwi Crate: Ages 5-8

Doodle Crate: Ages 9-16+ (Emphasizes Art & Creativity)

Tinker Crate: Ages 9-16+ (Emphasizes the Principles of STEM)

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